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Thumb Finger Print Astrology

(right for men, left for women) Unique predictions as unique thumb impressions | Thumb Finger Print Astrology | Thumb Impression Astrology Online

Since Nadi Astrology uses your thumb impression to discover your unique Nadi Leaf and predict your destiny, it is also widely called as Thumb Impression Astrology.

In Thumb Impression Astrology (also called as Thumb Finger Print Astrology ), the thumb impression of a person (right for men, left for women) is taken to identify the particular unique nadi leaf, which gives the person’s life predictions. In this astrology, each thumb impression has about 108 types to it, like Shanku Rekha, Chandra Rekha, Chakra Rekha, etc.

During the nadi palm leaf reading session the particular leaf which contains the personal and family details will be identified and the nadi reader reads out and records the exact nadi predictions of the person’s life. These aspects of thumb impression are used to locate the nearest bundle of Nadi leaves and then the person would have a nadi reading session with the Nadi reader to tally with the personal and family details of the person.

Thumb impression Astrology Reading & Predictions

As you know from the above facts, Thumb impression Astrology ( Thumb Finger Print Astrology ) uses your thumb impression to discover your Nadi Leaf and predict your destiny from the readings written as a divine song. That is one difference in Thumb impression Astrology that sets it apart from other traditional astrology that requires you to give your birth details.

There are around 108 classifications of human, and from there, your unique thumbprint is detailed down to find your soul grouping or bundle that contains anywhere from 20 to 25 individual leaves. Then the Nadi Reader uses the sounds inscribed on the leaves to hone in on your exact leaf.

This first step is quintessential for a possible future reading. Only if you have a bundle, you have a chance to find your individual Palm Leaf through the subsequent matching process. All we need from you for this first step is your thumbprint (left for women, right for men) and in which country you were born.

Our experts in India will then categorize your thumb impression into one of 108 categories to find the Palm Leaf bundle(s) for your type of thumbprint. Among the thousands of bundles for this type of thumbprint they will then select 1-3 bundles that might contain your individual Palm Leaf. The nadi palm leaves are written for a few and if destined, one would certainly seek the leaf for a new turn of life.

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Thumb Finger Print Astrology | Thumb Impression Astrology Online

We provide Thumb Impression Astrology Prediction Online services from Vaitheeswaran Koil through our website for your convenience from India. We provide Thumb Impression Astrology online services in major languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam across the world especially the customers from USA (United States of America), England, UK (United Kingdom), Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, Holland, Belgium, Europe & many more countries.

Mr. Selva Muthu Kumaran Phd., Chief Nadi Astrologer at Sri Atri Nadi Astrology Centre.

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