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Sri Atri Nadi Astrology Center Vaitheeswaran Koil

"Even with limited income, something should be given away daily with care and liberal spirit. This is called Dana." - Atri Samhita, Vaitheeshwaran Koil Nadi Astrology Center, Nadi Astrology India

SRI ATRI MAHARISHI NADI ASTROLOGY CENTRE is a well known place for people who are in search of their Nadi Predictions from all over the world. Its is located in the heart of Vaitheeswaran Koil, Tamilnadu, a spiritual place where the abode of Lord Vaitheeswaran is located.

This is a very ancient temple & village in Tamil Nadu which is very well famous for Nadi Astrology & the Nadi Palm Leaves. Most of the Nadi Astrologers in the world are originated from here. Nadi astrology is an ancient art of astrology which was practiced by sages of India as Thousands of years ago.

They were great Sages or Rishis who had written the palm leaves with their yogic intuitive divine power. They are called as Sages of India. They had the power to look into the past and future of the entire universe and recorded the life of human being who either lived were living or were to live. These sages wrote these predictions on Palmyra or palm leaves in a particular script, these are known as nadi leaves. The nadi palm leaves were written in an ancient Tamil script. Which can now only be deciphered by expert nadi astrologers . Around the 12th century, these leaves were found lying in the ancient Vaitheeswaran Temple in Tamil Nadu.

Here, SRI ATRI MAHARISHI NADI ASTROLOGY CENTRE is located near to the Vaitheeswaran Temple where we provide various Astrology Services such as Nadi Astrology, Jeevanadi Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Horoscope Consulting, Gemmology, Vashtu Shastra & more. You can visit our Nadi Astrology centre directly in person or you can get you Nadi Astrology reading online via WhatsApp, Skype from wherever you are.

If you are to visit our Nadi Astrology centre directly, please have an appointment which will help us server you better. We can also arrange any travelling & lodging requirements if you need while you are here in our Nadi Astrology centre. We also arrange any spiritual tour or temple visits you may like to have around here in Vaitheeswaran Koil such as visting the famous Navagraha Temples, Lord Nataraja temple in Chidambaram, etc.



VAITHEESWARAN KOIL is well connected by Roads to many major cities in tamil nadu such as from Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Salem, Madurai & more. You can either travel by Car or State Bus Transport to reach our NADI ASTROLOGY CENTRE in VAITHEESWARAN KOIL, Tamilnadu.


As by road, vaitheeswaran Koil is well connected Railway network throughout India. There is a dedicated Train station in vaitheeswaran Koil connected by various major railway stations in India. You can easily reach our NADI ASTROLOGY CENTRE in VAITHEESWARAN KOIL by travelling on Train & you can call us on +9177088 12431 anytime if you need any help in reaching our Nadi Astrology centre.


You can reach our Nadi Astrology Centre in vaitheeswaran koil by Air using the below Nearest Airports located around Vaitheeswaran Koil. You can either travel by Road or by Train from these Airport to reach our Nadi Astrology Centre.

Tiruchirapalli (TRZ) Airport – 139 Km distance from Vaitheeswaran Koil.
Madras Airport (MAA) – 242 Km distance from Vaitheeswaran Koil.
Bengaluru Airport (BLR) – 391 Km distance from Vaitheeswaran Koil.
Kochi Airport (COK) - 471 Km distance from Vaitheeswaran Koil.
Tirupati Airport (TIR) – 314 Km distance from Vaitheeswaran Koil.

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We always welcome those who seek truthful meaning in their life through Nadi Astrology & We assure Blessings of Sages & their predictions about your life shall change your way of living into harmony & Happiness.

Vaitheeshwaran Koil Nadi Astrology Center | Nadi Astrology India

We provide Nadi Astrology online reading services from Vaitheeswaran Koil through our website for your convenience from India. We provide Nadi Jyothisham online services in major languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam across the world especially the customers from USA (United States of America), England, UK (United Kingdom), Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, Holland, Belgium, Europe & many more countries.

Mr. Selva Muthu Kumaran Phd., Chief Nadi Astrologer at Sri Atri Nadi Astrology Centre.

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