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Nadi Jyotish Online, Significance of Nadi Astrology

Why it is unique from other astrology? Nadi Jyotish Hindi, Nadi Jyotish India

Astrology is adopted differently in different areas of the world. The significance of Nadi Astrology (also called as Nadi Jyotish ) followed in Tamilnadu, India is that it is authentic to give accurate predictions than any other astrology. Again it is believed that unless destined by Sri Lord Shiva no one can come to Nadi Astrology to know his/her life prediction.

Among all, 'Nadi Astrology' ( Nadi Jyotish ) gives the most accurate results. Why? Because it is predefined and pre-documented by the Rishis as utterances of Lord Shiva himself. As Shri Lord Shiva has predetermined the course of your life, so will it be and you may be chosen to know about the occurrences before they happen. Nadi Astrology, like other predictive sciences, runs on the dictum that the fate of every human mortal is predestined.

Nadi Astrology ( Nadi Jyotish ) also prescribes penances and remedies based on one's past karmas. However, the unique and fascinating belief that only a person who has been destined to know his fate will approach the Nadi reader at a 'predestined age' and at a 'predestined time' makes it very unique from other Astrology sciences.

Science of Nadi Astrology ( Nadi Jyotish )

There are about 600 crores people in the world. If we divide total population of the world in 12 parts we arrive at figure of 50 crores. Predictions on the basis of sun signs means predicting same for 50 crores people of different age, cast, creed & religion. Nadi Astrology is believed to be practiced by Sage Agastya and Sage Bhrigu in ancient times. In addition to Signs, Houses and Planets, Nakshatra ; the Sub Lord , Cusp of Houses and combination of houses are used for most precise predictions. Vimshottari Dasha and Transits are used for timing the events.

According to the principles of Nadi Astrology the Zodiac is divided into 12 equal sub divisions of Signs with equal subdivisions of the 27 Nakshatra. These Nakshatra are further subdivided into unequal "Sub lords". Nadi Astrology lays greater emphasis on the sub lord which is stronger than the Nakshatra & in the same sequence the Nakshatra is stronger than the Planet. It is Nadi astrology ( Nadi Jyotish ), which is scientific and gives accurate results. It is governed by definite principles and rules. The relevant factor is the casting of Nirayana Bhava Chalit chart, in addition to the lagan (ascendant) chart, which shows the planetary position as observed for an individual from a particular longitude and latitude, or the place of birth of the individual. This system is capable of giving the most accurate predictive results available anywhere in this world presently.

It is called scientific because the rules of astrology which apply on one native are applicable on others too, just as science which is similar for all. When getting predictions through Nadi Astrology you can rely on the predictions provided to you. Sage Agasthiyar familiarly known to intellects as well as illiterates. The people belonging to all religions hail Saint Agasthiyar. Born through Ascetic’s pitcher, Saint Agasthiyar balanced the world by traveling to south at the time of the marriage of Lord Shiva solemnized at Kailash and ultimately viewed the marriage at Pothiya Hill.

Apart from this, Saint Agasthiyar brought river Cauvery to South India. All these aspects reveal his competence in the field of Science. Nadi astrology ( Nadi Jyotish ) is extremely ancient, at least 5000 years old. The origin of the Nadi astrology (palm leaf reading) can be traced back to approximately thousands years ago. There are various nadies, palm leaf inscriptions available like Atrinadi, Jeevanadi, Grahanadi, Siva nadi, Duruva nadi, Edumbi nadi, saptarishi nadi, Nandhi nadi, Bheema nadi, Nava nadi, Vashista nadi, Agasthiya nadi, Shukha nadi, Brahma nadi, Kaushik nadi.

As we already mentioned above Nadi Astrology can be known in other names such as nadi josiyam, nadi jyotish, nadi josiyam, nadi jothidam. We provide Nadi Jyotish online predictions services from Vaitheeswaran Koil through our website for your convenience from India.

We provide Nadi Jyotish online services in major languages such as Hindi, Telugu, English, & Tamil across the world especially the customers from USA, England (UK), Australia, UAE, Germany, France, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, Holland, Belgium & many more countries.

Nadi Jyotish Online | Nadi Jyotish Hindi | Nadi Jyotish India

We provide Nadi Jyotish online services from Vaitheeswaran Koil through our website for your convenience from India. We provide Nadi Jyothisham online services in major languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam across the world especially the customers from USA (United States of America), England, UK (United Kingdom), Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, Holland, Belgium, Europe & many more countries.

Mr. Selva Muthu Kumaran Phd., Chief Nadi Astrologer at Sri Atri Nadi Astrology Centre.

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